• Studio Policy & Procedures 

    (updated August 2021)

  • Thank you for choosing to give the gift of music for your child. Music is an art that can truly provide a lifetime of enjoyment. It has been found that music affects the brain in many positive ways. Music makes us smarter, happier, and more productive at any age. The studio policies below will help provide the best possible experience for your child’s musical journey.


    • All students must own a well-maintained acoustic or digital piano with 88 keys (not a keyboard). Let me know if you need help choosing an instrument.
    • Acoustic pianos should be maintained at all times. Acoustic pianos function optimally when serviced twice a year. Upright pianos should be placed a few inches away from the wall for sound purposes.
    • Digital pianos must have 88 keys, a solid wooden stand (not a cross bar), two/three pedals, adjustable bench and fully weighted action.
    • Adjustable bench: An adjustable bench ensures students are positioned at the proper height when playing which is critical for proper technique.
    • Pedal extender/foot rest: needed by younger children who’s feet cannot reach the floor when the piano bench is adjusted to the proper height.
    • Students must have a metronome. The metronome may be portable or an app located on an electronic device such as your cell phone or tablet.
    • The quality of your student's home instrument plays a significant role in their potential for success.


    • Regular attendance is expected in order to get the maximum benefit from music instruction. Please let the studio know in advance if you will miss a lesson. The studio realizes that missed lessons by the instructor and student are inevitable and, therefore, have been taken into account in the overall cost of tuition. On the rare instance that another student cancels, then the time slot may be offered for use by another student. Rescheduling is NOT a guarantee as extra time cannot be created in the schedule. No credits or refunds are given for missed lessons. Tuition remains consistent regardless of the number of lessons attended.
    • Students who arrive late to their lesson will only receive the remaining time of that lesson.
    • Students should arrive to their lesson appointment no more than 5 minutes early. If you find that you have arrived more than 5 minutes early for your scheduled lesson time, please wait in your vehicle until it is time for you to enter the studio.

    What if my child is sick?

    • If your child missed school due to illness then your child SHOULD NOT come to an In-Person Lesson that day.
    • If your child is mildly ill, then you should opt for an Online Lesson.

    Inclement Weather?

    • Should the studio need to close due to inclement weather conditions, you will be notified via email, text, and it will be posted on the studio’s Facebook page and an ONLINE lesson will be given in place of an IN-PERSON lesson.
    • The studio does not follow school closures due to students attending many different school systems.
    • The studio does not normally cancel IN-PERSON lessons for inclement weather conditions due to the fact that most of the time the roads have cleared by the afternoon when most lessons take place.


    • Students are expected to practice daily each week for healthy musical growth.
    • “At home practice” should be scheduled into the “home” routine so in becomes a part of the daily routine, not an afterthought. 
    • Parents of young students will be expected to oversee their daily practice as often they have not developed the reading skills necessary to read the assignment sheet or to truly understand how to practice.
    • Please keep finger nails trimmed in order to develop good technique.
    • Students assignments are sent via email each week. Parents are responsible for printing/sharing the assignment sheet daily. Students must have access to the assignment sheet daily. Often there are recording links attached to the assignment sheet for listening.


    Tuition is an all-inclusive membership that includes:

    • Time spent with the student at performances, festivals, and competitions.
    • Periodic Group Classes (see calendar)
    • Book and materials *
    • Exclusive access to studio resources
    • Customized lesson plans for the student’s course of study
    • Selection of repertoire, specific for each student
    • Game library
    • Studio-licensed music library
    • Music lending library
    • Studio Recitals & Studio Events
    • Printing of Studio-Licensed Music
    • My Music Staff
    • The Studio’s Online Platform
    • In-Studio Recordings
    • Weekly private lessons (see calendar)
    • Participation in incentive programs
    • Professional organization dues which provide students with opportunities for competitions, exams, and festivals

    *Competition/festival fees and other performance will be billed in addition to your monthly tuition payment as they occur.


    Weekly Private

    Lesson Length

    Monthly Fee
    30 minutes $99
    45 minutes $149
    60 minutes $198

    Payments can be made in the following ways:

    • Dropped off in the black mail box located on the front porch.
    • Online banking. You can use your personal bank’s “online bill pay system” to schedule your monthly payment installments. Extra expenses like festival fees, one-time fees, or other expenses can also be made via the same online banking bill pay but will be a one-time payment instead of recurring payment.
    • Payments can be made at your piano lesson if it is on or before the due date.
    • Out of town, forgot your checkbook, or time got away from you? No worries, use the “Pay Online” link at the bottom of your invoice. You will be taken to a new page that first will display the studio logo and a few other details about your payment before you are taken to PayPal. There is a 3.5% convenience fee for using the Online Payment option. If you do not wish to pay a 3.5% convenience fee, please feel free to use the other payment options listed above.
    • A $30 fee will be added to your account for any check that is returned for insufficient funds. If your check fails to clear more than twice you will be asked to make all future tuition payments in cash.

    Late Payments - There is a $20 late fee if payment is not received by the 25th. If tuition is still not received by the 1st, lessons are suspended until the account is current. After 30 days, the student is considered dismissed and will lose their exclusive spot in the studio.


    • There is a $35.00 enrollment fee for all new students, which is non-refundable. A new student is anyone who is going to sign up for lessons for the first time at the studio or a previous student who is returning to the studio after taking a leave of absence.
    • Continued payment secures enrollment. Students who wish to “take a break” will essentially be withdrawing from the studio (see section below). A student’s spot cannot be held without payment.

    • Written notification of intent to withdraw from the studio must be given before the 15th of the month. No refunds are given to students who wish to withdraw from the studio.
    • The teacher may terminate lessons due to late or unpaid tuition, excessive absences, failure to attend committed events, unprepared lessons, repeated no show/no call’s, poor attitude, inappropriate behavior, or other difficulties in working with the student or family.

    • Email or text is the best and preferred way to reach me. If you need to cancel a lesson at the last minute, please text. I let the voice mail take calls during lessons.
    • Please remember to check your email once or twice a week as I often like to communicate through email.
    • If a student loses their music or damages borrowed music, parents will be sent information on where they can purchase a replacement copy.
    • Mrs. R's Piano Studio and Christa Rapp are released from any liabilities, accidents or injuries that may incur from the enrolled student with the participation of piano lessons, group classes, piano parties or piano events.

    Studio enrollment is year-round and includes 7 private lessons during the summer. Lessons during the Summer Season are on a Flex Schedule allowing for vacations, camps, VBS, and out of town visits with family and friends.

  • Christa Rapp **** Cell: (573) 225-2110 **** Email: mrs.rspianostudio@gmail.com ****Website: mrsrspianostudio.mymusicstaff.com****Christa is an active member of the Music Teachers National Association, the Missouri Music Teachers Association, the National Federation of Music Clubs, and the Encore Music Club of which she is currently serving as treasurer.