• Summer Session Begins: Monday, June 3rd
  • Studio Closed: Monday, June 17th
  • Studio Closed: Tuesday, July 2nd - Friday, July 5th
  • Summer Session Ends: Friday, August 2nd

Questions about piano lessons during the Summer Session

Do I have to take Summer piano lessons?

  • Yes, 6 Summer lessons (or the payment equivalent to) are required of all students  who wish to continue lessons in the Fall.
  • Lessons may be all taken the first 6 weeks of the session or at various times throughout the 8 weeks. 
  • You can even attend 2 lessons in 1 week as long as there are time slots available on the calendar and you are making sure that your child is practicing.

What happens if I decide not to take lessons anyway?

  • If you decided to discontinue lessons for the summer months, you will lose your time slot and will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.
  • You will have to pay the New Student Enrollment Fee in order to return.
  • You will not be guaranteed a time slot in the Fall.

How much are lessons in the Summer?

Length of Lesson
6 - Lesson Plan
Extra Lessons
30 minutes 
45 minutes 
60 minutes 

  • Tuition Fees will remain the same as the Academic Year.
  • Tuition is payable in full or in 2 payments due on June 1st and July 1st. 
  • A $20.00 late fee will be added to all accounts not paid by the due date.
  • The Academic Studio Policy is still in effect during the summer.

I have camps, vacation, and VBS to attend. Are lesson times flexible?

  • Yes, lesson times are flexible during the summer months. There are 6 lessons available and 8 weeks to get them in.
  • Lessons times will remain the same as the Academic Year unless you request otherwise.
  • If you have a conflict, you must notify the studio no later than 12pm the day prior to your lesson in order to qualify for a reschedule. If you notify the studio within the required time, a link to the Studio Calendar will then be sent to you so you can pick out a time that will better suit your schedule that week.
  • If you do not meet the “notification requirement” you will simply miss out on that lesson opportunity for the summer.
  • In order for the Flexible System to work, please notify the Studio as soon as you know of your camp, vacation, and VBS dates.

I didn’t get to use all of the 6 lessons during the Summer Session.  Can I make those missed lessons up during the Fall?

  • No, the Summer Session will come to an end on Friday, August 2nd and all unused lessons will expire.